Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

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Re: Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

Prior to ordering my E-M1 I took a trip to my nearest local camera store to look at some lenses. I was assisted by the owner of the family run businsess. When I expressed my interest in m43 he said, and I quote... "I don't know anything about it. I don't want to know anything about it. It's dying. It never caught on."

Wow, that's grim. On the other hand, salesmen have little incentive to introduce people to m4/3 when most of them are on Canon or nikon's payroll so that kind of comments are no surprise, I know I'm generalizing but with no ads and limited reach by enthusiasts word of mouth we're pretty much dependent on shelf space and salesmen, and without them it's no wonder no one ever bought m4/3 at his family run business, it's a chicken or the egg situation. A quick start is an internet wide campaign, first in gadget blogs and then elsewhere.

Marketing for m43 is a joke - I sincerely believe if it was marketed well (properly) it'd be a very popular format simply because of the size benefits.


What doesn't help much is the big DSLR type bodies, EM5 EM1 GH3, they should play on the size aspect, small and compact - retro like the GX7 will appeal to a huge market of hipsters who like taking photos and also wants something that looks good around their necks.

I have no sympathy for faux-DSLRs, they're a contradiction to the essence of mirrorless but on the other hand they play a very strategic and important role marketing-wise, without them you would have no means to attract the hordes of people brainwashed by the DSLR culture (¨DSLRs are Pro¨ ¨Bigger is better¨ etc...), faux-DSLRs also serve to maintain a healthy level of variety within the system, there's simply not ONE type of body that could please everyone, so even though I have no desire for a GH or OMD I have no right to deny that option to those who do desire them. As ApertureAcolyte said, choice is good, even for those that don't want or need such choices.

Word of mouth will sell more Camera's than crap talking company reps. So it's up to enthusiasts to spread the word.

I would agree, but so far, that hasn't been enough. We (and other mirrorless too) need more shelf space, more presence, more tv ads, more brochures, more bus stop ads, etc. Word of mouth can only reach so many people, mirrorless needs to get into people's subconscious as a viable replacement for DSLRs before this market shrinks even further.

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