Dpreview still the slowest kid on the block, where is that G6 review ??

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G6 is an insignicant camera...

At least for DPR in its perspective of the camera market in respect to DPR's viewership. And in some way it's true. The grand majority of DPR viewers don't really care for the Panasonic G series, irregardless of whether or not that's how it should be or not. Even in this forum, let alone the whole site, most only care for Oly E-Mx, or the various pens, etc.

DPR has for a while now only given full reviews (plus previews) to the most popular/hyped cameras, and previews only for the somewhat less popular ones.

Fact of the matter is the Sony RX100's are just way more popular than the Panasonic G's, heck, I would presume even the Panasonic ZSx's are more popular. Yes, the G's should get more attention but they just aren't that popular.

E-M1 will get a full review. The GX7...well, they may only grace the GX7 with the 2 page preview it's been given... I.e. Basically, from an m43 standpoint, Oly is the only real game in town, at least in the popularity sweepstakes. Look at this forum, there are waaaaaaaaaay more Oly fans here than Panny. Heck, E-Mx is probably more popular than ALL Panny m43 cameras put together. Even though GX7 is probably the most popular/interesting camera out of Panny for years, look how many threads there are of it compared to E-Mx? It's sad but for the time being, it's an Oly world, and for the most part Panny will be ignored...sucks but that's how it goes.

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