Thom Hogan: DSLR versus Mirrorless

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Re: Thom Hogan: DSLR versus Mirrorless

MichaelKJ wrote:

So where does all this put us? Tally it up. No advantage in sensor, image processing, shutter, frame rates, buffer, features, or potential advances to either DSLR or mirrorless. Clear disadvantage at the moment to mirrorless in power. Gap closing rapidly in viewing system and focus. And Size doesn't really have to be a relevant issue other than sensor size choice and all that implies.

Conclusion: we're actually very near the point where DSLRs will simply transition to mirrorless for most users. And not that far from the point where DSLRs will go mirrorless for all users.

The frame rate advantage, for example, is highly dependent on where mirror-less AF system goes. Mirror-less bodies already have an edge in frame rate (not necessarily in buffer size, but that is another issue) but the issue is with a work in progress: AF. At some point when it develops to meet mirror-based PDAF in terms of speed (and expected to have an edge in accuracy), continuous AF and tracking would be real-time with less reliance on predictive algorithm.

Size and weight are and will be an advantage even in many forms of mirror-less, as would be lowering the number of mechanical parts. Once the mirror-less mounts establish themselves, and the technology they need matures over next few years, the masses will begin to recognize the value and will show a shift.

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