Dpreview still the slowest kid on the block, where is that G6 review ??

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I'm guessing there won't be one

jagge wrote:

Yet again Dpreview cements is position as propably the slowest review site on the web. How that can be a viable busyness strategy never fails to amaze me.

The G6 has now been pending for 5 MONTHS, which in panasonic terms are propably halfway into the product cycle.

Ohh the G5 review has been pending for 14 months... wow I guess its also a strategy to wait so long that the next model comes out. The point is that it is apparently more difficult for dpreview to make a simple cam review than it is for Panasonic to develop a new camera all together....

In fact there has been no review of the G line since july 2011, think about that. In stead they make reviews of cameras like the new Sony RX100 which clearly is the same as the predecessor more or less.

It seems that dpreview has no sense of where the development is at all. I can be argued that many of the G line cams are so close that it does not warrant a review, in case of the G5 and especially the G6 there are major upgrades though.

Personally I think its a shame that Dpreview are getting slower and slower, and has lost the "finger on the pulse" all together. I would advice anyone to start looking towards much more dynamic sites like cameralabs.com . Especially that site seems to deliver what dpreview once did. Also steve huff is good for user experiences in the mirror less segment.

Best wishes


I bet the GX7 and OMD-EM1 have jumped ahead in priority.

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