In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: Stop complaining, start arguing.

MarkJH wrote:

Yeah, so:

(1) the last time I shot a 1DX in Live View, I couldn't help but notice that it focused with considerably less speed and finesse than an OM-D. Color me skeptical that they are as "equivalent" in that regard as you argue.

Then try a 70D.

(2) so you're arguing that DSLR can go everywhere, conveniently, a mirrorless camera can--excepting those few tiny "wedge-into" opportunities? Really? Size / weight / visibility is a complete non-issue, doesn't affect photographic opportunity in any way ever? Color me skeptical.

Light weight is a convenience, not a capability.  If cameras are too heavy, all it means is that someone in better shape than you gets the shot.

Think how many pounds of gear Ansel lugged on his back up above the timber line.  Heavy gear is no excuse for being held back from getting the shot.

(3) It doesn't bother you that a "defense" of DSLRs doesn't talk, at all, about what DSLRs are uniquely capable of doing?

OK. Carry on. Seems like kind of a weak defense to me, but clearly I'm the weird one.

I don't care about "defending" DSLRs -- I freely use both types.  The wild assertions that have a burden of proof here are yours, not his.

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