GH3 Viewfinder Coating comes off

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Re: GH3 Viewfinder Coating comes off

I am the "other user" that Rupert mentioned, another early adopter of the GH3 - and generally very happy with it up to now. Whilst on holiday in Scotland last week (no sunscreen or insect repellent used) I noticed my viewfinder seemed rather fogged up and smeary. At first I put it down to it steaming up in the cooler weather or just needing cleaning. At one point I got a tiny drop of drizzle on the viewfinder which I wiped away with a soft lens cloth - then attempted to clean it properly when we got back to our apartment. I'd remembered reading Rupert's post before I went away and the problems he and another user had with their's and hoped it wasn't the same. Attempts to clean the viewfinder lens with a soft coth only seemed to make it worse - as it was nearing the end of our holiday, I left it and when we got home, my hubby checked it out with his magnifying loupe light. The surface of the lens looked like miniature crazy paving in places - as though it had been cleaned with a scouring pad. The coating had cracked and attempting to clean it (I have only ever used a soft lens cloth) was starting to rub it off.

I also noticed a second issue, this time with the evf itself. I use the evf 99% of the time, even for reviewing photos. I started to notice that on images with an even mid tone - like a dull grey sky - ghostly burn-in images of the icons were appearing on the edges of the image. It isn't noticable on the black background of the menus or if the images have a lot of details round the edges but is on those with an even mid tone round the edge. Has anyone else seen this on their GH3?

My hubby had a theory that heat from the evf has hardened and cracked the coating over time (maybe the heat of Greece exacerbated the problem on Rupert's), rather like a cracked glaze on pottery - and maybe also caused the burn-in of icons that I've seen. Maybe the lens and coating expand and contract at different rates. Once cracked, it looks like moisture starts to lift the coating, enabling it to be rubbed off. Whatever the cause, it is very annoying and I hope the replacement isn't going to fail in the same way some months down the line.  Over several years of ownership I've never had a problem with my previous cameras - a G1 and GH2 - both treated in exactly the same way.

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