would you rather force to work or find a job?

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Re: would you rather force to work or find a job?

yonsarh wrote:

lets say , democracy in America has gone and finally socialism or communism arrived in America.

government will take care all people forcing to work, rather than people look find their own job, which is current capitalism... ( due to high rate of unemployment rate, if government make citizens force to work,, then this could solve unemployment rate)

Do you not learn anything from history?  You may employ everyone, but life then sucks for everyone.

The poor of the U.S. are far better off than the poor of communist countries.

Poor is a relative term.  People are poor in the U.S. because they are compared to the middle class and wealthy.

I am not say the poor don't need help in this country.  They do, but socialism is a failed idea.  Some social programs are good. but a full socialist system is stupid and anyone that embraces it doesn't know history.

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