Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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The reason why I find the fake shutter sound useful (and other comments)

"Stating merely what should be obvious to everybody, which makes me wonder all the more why Sony would choose to exclude wildlife photography"

I guess speculations like this will fade away as more people actually get their hands on the A3000 and learn first hand where the strengths and weaknesses are.

The A3000 is excluded from any serious wildlife photography by a relatively long time between pressing the shutter button and the picture actually starting.  (My NEX7 is much faster for that.  My A65 too)   I find the A3000 less than satisfying for taking pictures of my kids playing because of the shutter lag.  (My NEX7 is okay.  My A65 is great)

(I am being careful to differentiate between AF time and shutter lag by the way.  The A3000 AF time is pretty quick)

The mechanical shutter in my A3000 makes about one-third of the noise as the simulated shutter.  I appreciate having it so I know when the exposure begins.

The fake shutter sound saves me from making some bad shots.   Like when I come indoors, take a shot, and notice a long time between start and end of exposure.  I know right away I left the camera on ISO 100 and I fix it and get back to shooting.

Seeing as how the fake shutter is useful, and it is quieter than the mechanical one, a reasonable question is why can't it be disabled?

It is a generally accepted principal of user interface design that any feature or option that does not truly serve a purpose should be eliminated.  Its presence adds clutter.  Clutter leads to confusion and complaints.  Not so much one item by itself, but when you clutter up a user interface with a dozen or so features that only 0.1% of people would apprecate, now you have created a situation where 100% of people are being annoyed by things that don't matter (complaints about long lists of options you have to scroll through to find the thing you want, or people not able to find features they do want (sound familar NEX7 users?)   So everytime a feature is evaluated, it is asked, does it really add benefit?  If not, throw it out.

I suspect the option to disable the fake shutter noise simply did not withstand a design review where it was asked what is the benefit of such an option, what does the user suffer if they accidentally turn it off,  versus what clutter does it add.

Now if the mechanical shutter were not three times louder, the option to disable fake shutter sound,  I suspect would have been seen as valuable.

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