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Don wrote:

Anyone here shoot a wedding in manual with auto iso on? I have a D800E and have been experimenting with this and also auto iso with a flash attached. For me this seems to work. The flash will be off camera using ttl. Anyone experiment with this?




While I mainly do portraits, I started using Auto ISO this year on Aperture Priority on my D700 bodies and it works out very well, and I can get things done faster than when using Manual, as I've done before.

I use center weight metering, set to the small 8mm circle, and lock exposure with AE-Lock Hold setting configured for the AE-L button.  While this is set, off camera flash triggered via SU-800 and a RadioPopper attached still seems to be using Matrix to meter it's exposure - which was not the case when I was using the Manual mode and spot metering.  For flash to use Matrix metering, rather than spot in Manual, well, the exposure meter had to be switched back to Matrix metering after setting ambient exposure with the spot meter.  This was becoming a bit of a hassle to switch them back and forth since I needed to do it more often than I would want.  It does not appear to be like this on Aperture Priority or Programmed setting though, and Auto ISO then ensures that I get consistently fast shutter speed to guarantee sharp results.  I learned to prefer center weight metering with the narrow circle to spot metering - sometimes I wish Nikon had "partial" metering also.

My setting is min shutter speed of 1/160, max ISO 2500.  There were times when I switched minimum shutter to 1/200 or 1/250, but 1/160 is a good compromise for me.  I'm not worried about noise, even at ISO 2500, since Noise Ninja, as part of Photo Ninja currently, removes it quickly and smoothly without loosing much detail.

I don't own a D800, so it may be a bit different there, but I suspect Nikon didn't change the behavior on that camera in this regard.  BTW, I'm really happy that the D700 (and I'm sure the D800 also) is so configurable.  Almost everything can be custom-configured.

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