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Re: Not only did he knew; he planned the whole thing.

Lyle, that is a well argued piece. I sense that it is family thing with you to believe that FDR knew in advance that Pearl Harbor was to be attacked. Hatred of Pres. Roosevelt goes back a ways, I guess. I am not a leftist. I just have an IQ above room temperature though. It was  sleepy overconfidence in the Navy on Pearl Harbor that failed to sound the alert when information was coming in from several ships that a large force was headed their way. If you are going to say FDR intentionally allowed the attack, how about the intelligence community in the G.W. Bush administration having given clear information to the President through his subordinates time and time again that al-Queda was going to strike in the U.S. soon. That argument is far more convincing however I believe it was simply the ignorance of the Bush officials that did not follow up on those warnings -which would have prevented the 9-11 attacks and all that has followed.

I agree that Roosevelt did welcome some provocation by the Japanese to bring support for American involvement in Europe and Asia however, it is a stretch to say Roosevelt knew about a specific attack. But I must say, the argument sited is well put. I just don't believe it. I noted the adds supporting the site: the john birch society, the new american, fox news of course (which sends uo red flags right there.) And of course Ronald Reagan's abortion is the end of America add. So, it does seem to me to be a rather fringe group supporting this conspiracy theory. Hey, its a long time ago- peace brother.


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