GH3 owner wants to upgrade from 14-45 to sharper lens, recommendations please

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Re: GH3 owner wants to upgrade from 14-45 to sharper lens, recommendations please

Thomas Kachadurian wrote:

Manip16 wrote:

Here is a list of lenses which are sharper while used on the GH3 and which cover roughly the same focal length (zooms only, no primes):

- Panny 12-35mm 2.8
- Oly 9-18mm
- Panny 14-42 II/HD

Also potentially the unreleased Oly 12-40mm 2.8 however that is speculation at this stage. The improvement from the 14-45 to the 14-42 II/HD is marginal. If you want a decent improvement then you're either looking at the 12-35 or potentially the 12-40.

It may be copy variation. But I have both the 14-45 and the 9-18 and there's no setting in their overlap where the 9-18 is sharper.


I had a copy of the 14-45 that I received with my G1 that I liked a lot.  It was stolen, and when I tried to replace it with another, the second copy wasn't as good.  The center was ok, but there was a difference in at least one corner.  I now think the second lens may  have been decentered, but at the time I didn't know how to check for that.  Anyway, I could see that it wasn't as good as the first lens, so I sent it back.  Here's a screen grab illustrating the difference between them-- despite the degraded resolution of the grab, I think the difference is apparent:

screen grab; sidewalk curb and road, lower right corner of larger photo, 1:1 in LR

I bought the 12-35 to try it out, and though I miss the smaller size and the extra tele at the end of the 14-45, I really do like the extra stops it offers.  I still pine a bit for my old 14-45, but I don't want to get rid of the 12-35 either. 

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