35 mm 1.4 which would you get?

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Re: 35 mm 1.4 which would you get?

Apart from the wise words mentioned above, you should also consider what probably isn't looked at when shooting single-distance, perfectly-lit test cards: build quality and longevity.

The G series lenses are made from the same stuff as the bodies: silicon-coated magnesium alloy; the Sigma appears to be a bit lest robust. I am sure that you take care of your gear but the build quality is something to consider. Most manufacturers these days have pretty good "on paper" warranties but how those warranties are backed up in real life counts.

Secondly, this may be FUD, but Nikon lenses are pretty much guaranteed to work with future bodies. How well, future integrations, firmware updates and the like will work from off-brand manufactures is anyone's guess. In this respect, Zeiss could be a safer bet since they've decided not to bother with AF.

Finally, eyes should be peeled away from the test scores to remember the lenses in operation.

  • Nikkor - 600g and 89 mm
  • Sigma - 660g and 94 mm
  • Zeiss - 830g and 78 mm
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