Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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Re: Sony, idea for FW update!

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OK Let's clear up a few things: There is no fake shutter sound on any of the NEX cameras.

Do you think this experiment is a confabulation? :



If you read this, he never says if his camera was quieter after cutting the speaker wire. Why even go to the trouble, since the mechanical part of the shutter is still going to make plenty of noise?

I remember reading the results of the poster cutting the wire to the speaker in the 3N - and I could have sworn they then got just the closing curtain sound (genuine mechanical activity) as a result (as on the NEX 5N, 7, 6, F3, 5R, 5T) but of course lost all other audio output too, such as operational beeps and sound on video playback. Agreed, though - it's hardly worth it when the closing shutter still emits mechanical noise anyway.

Found it - the last two posts by toxicdog in the thread you quote above. Asked to elucidate about how mute the 3N is after the operation, toxicdog says:

It's not completely quiet, but there is no fake shutter sound, only the normal shutter. It's the same as on NEX-5N, with electronic first curtain shutter enabled on that. The fake shutter was annoying me a lot, felt like I was using a toy camera.

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