would you rather force to work or find a job?

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Re: would you rather force to work or find a job?

yonsarh wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

yonsarh wrote:

lets say , democracy in America has gone and finally socialism or communism arrived in America.

government will take care all people forcing to work, rather than people look find their own job, which is current capitalism... ( due to high rate of unemployment rate, if government make citizens force to work,, then this could solve unemployment rate)


One of the things that made communism last that long was that everybody had a job and made a living wage, an element which helped people to retain a minimum of dignity

Yes, you made my one of my points. Thanks for clarify again :

From a social point of view, excluding political and economic aspects, the communist society as I met it, was a lot more humane than our capitalism.

So you agree on Socialism has solution for the unemployment that current capitalism could not solve. perhaps, we better prepare for the new capitalism. Like you said, some societies do have more humanity than money. This society will lead in the next capitalism . The current capitalism are being called capitalism 3.0.


Communism and socialism are terms of the past and, as far as I'mconcerned, they became meaningless.
It is safe to say that communism died when the Soviet Union collapsed.
Communism, a violent version of socialism, evolved fairly quickly into personal and sometimes hereditary dictatorships, a real family business.
Do you believe the ideals of socialism can be attained by people who believe that greed is good ?
I'm tempted to suggest that the number of lawyers in a country indicates how far that country is away from socialism.

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