Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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Re: Sony, idea for FW update!

wcdennis wrote:

OK Let's clear up a few things: There is no fake shutter sound on any of the NEX cameras. The NEX3 sounds different that the 5N and the 7 because it does not have the electronic first curtain. Obviously, the low priced A300 has the same all mechanical shutter and has a similar sound. The reason it is so noisy is because when you press the release the shutter makes 4 operations: 1. to close (it is already open for live view) 2. it opens to make the exposure, 3.closes to finish the exposure and 4. opens again for live view. Cameras with electronic exposure the shutters only have to close and open, this explains the dramatic difference in sound. Digital cameras that have the shutter in the lens can be totally silent and often have the speaker sound to let you know you took a picture. You could have a silent mirrorless camera, but a shutter would have to be built into every single lens. This would mean even more expense and no option to use legacy glass.

Here is a good explnation of the electronic first curtain shutter:


Actually, what you say is only half true.  The original NEX 3 and 5 had full mechanical shutters (first and second) only and were particularly noisy, with an obvious double "clunk".  The C3 was similar though its shutter had a slightly softer-sounding mechanism.  For all the ensuing models up to (but not including) the 3N and A3000, the option of using "electronic first curtain" operation was introduced, and when using this, the first curtain does not run, its function being replaced by scanning of the image sensor - so that part is silent and you only hear activity from the closing curtain. Consequently their sound is much briefer, as you know.

However, the 3N and A3000 ONLY operate in electronic first curtain mode (yes, really).  They don't possess a mechanical first curtain (and yes, I've done a visual check - there is never any physical first curtain activity, just a closing action).  Sony has given them a reasonably-realistic sound file to play to provide a simulation of the sound of a first curtain running - goodness knows why, probably something to do with assuming that their users will be new to interchangeable lens cameras and need to hear it.  Why on earth it isn't cancellable, I don't know.

Having said that, when I checked my A3000 on a very slow shutter speed, it did restrain itself to a brief click on the "opening" sound.  Some time, when I have a chance, I'll listen to the 3N at the same speed.  At more typical shutter speeds, the A3000 has a somewhat louder release sound than the 3N, perhaps due to the resonance of its larger body.

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