Nikon D7100 - Six months after joining the "Dark Side"

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Re: Nikon D7100 - Six months after joining the "Dark Side"

Rudy, Thanks for a very informative post,

As someone who has recently been using various DSLR set ups but just purchased a FZ200 I was very interested to read your thoughts,

I have been comparing my Nikon D80 & Nikon 55-300vr combo with the FZ200 & to be honest even though I am still trying to work out best various settings ie Sharpness & NR on the FZ200 I struggle to see any real difference between the two set ups unless I really start pixel peeping,

Here in the uk both set ups can be purchased used for around £300 so I can only really justify keeping one or the other & although I prefer the handling, & bigger VF of the D80 I think I am going to keep the FZ200 for its all in one ease of use,

Eventually I would love to invest in some serious equipment as you have done but I simply cant afford to at the moment suffice to say your photos are a inspiration (the happy frog is stunning) & thanks again for posting,

All the best, Jon.

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