Nikon D7100 - Six months after joining the "Dark Side"

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Re: Nikon D7100 - Six months after joining the "Dark Side"

Rodger1943 wrote:

Thanks Rudy, I think you pretty well nailed the differences. I photograph with other bird photographers on a regular basis and they have big cameras and even bigger lenses. I have seen their and your results. There is no doubt that the images that they get are superior to mine, but as you say, unless you print images to a large size, then there's not a lot of difference in the printed form. On screen they show brilliant detail. One area where the DSLR cameras really shine is in their ability to crop the taken image. They can keep enlarging that shot and each time they do, its still sharp, whereas the smaller sensor can't handle a big crop without losing a lot of quality. That said, I really like the FZ200, its a complete package and for its size and price will do most things very well.

Thanks for your thoughts, will speak to you on Flickr.

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Panasonic FZ200

Hi Rodger:

Great to hear from you and thanks for your feedback. Yes, you are absolutely correct about the cropping ability. My camera, the Nikon D7100, is specifically designed to maximize the cropping ability. It's 24MP sensor and the absence of its low-pass filter produce a minute resolution that is amazing.

In real-life what this allows you to do is to crop virtually every photograph to to 100% and still end up with a great looking shot with tons of image detail. I never know how to properly state crop percentages (Sherm if your listening..), but in actual pixels it means I can take my original 6000 pixel-wide image and crop that to a final size of 1600 pixels with NO noticeable loss in quality when displayed on a high-end computer monitor.

The extra cropping has the effect of extending the reach of your lenses by a significant amount (Jimmy Brown could probably calculate the exact amount). My guess is that it adds at least another 50% focal length.

One of the greatest strengths of my particular camera that I have not mentioned yet is the auto focus system. The D7100 has the same AF system as the pro Nikon cameras and it is terrific. The because crucial if you want to do a lot of BIF shots, which I do. (BIFs are "birds in flight").



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