Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

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Re: Reality check ? Is this what m4/3 is really up against ?

amvrvd wrote:

Looking for new GX7 impressions on youtube I stumbled upon this video

I don't want to make fun of the guy but gosh! I pity that poor panasonic representative, that lady has more patience than the Dalai Lama, I think I face-palmed a couple of times there, just akward as hell.

I wonder if this is a vivid representation of the common consumer's perception about mirrorless, is this the current state of affairs even after so many years ? are people really this clueless about mirrorless even today ? I mean, we on this forum are probably at the core of mirrorless knowledge, some come here everyday to consume and deliver knowledge about these cameras, but aren't we inside a bubble of sorts ? I'm getting the impression (and I know I'm not the only one) that rarely anyone outside these forums (or even the internet) knows a thing about mirrorless let alone m4/3. Pany and Oly have done wonders to advance this system, they've come up with amazing stuff over the years but they SERIOUSLY and URGENTLY need to invest in marketing. IMO M4/3 has the potential to replace DSLRs as the preferred choice for convenient everyday photography (and more!). Nowadays there are 3 kinds of consumers IMO:

- People who have no interest in photography itself but NEED a camera at hand for social interactions : smartphone crowd

- People who are interested in photography : here you have beginners and enthusiast and whatnot

- People who are invested in photography: These are working Pros

Trying to capture the smartphone crow will be difficult if not impossible, those people just don't want another device, they want an all-in-one experience so that's pretty much a lost cause as evidenced by the death of compacts. The second group is where m4/3 has the best chances of becoming the dominant format for most people, sure, this market is not composed of just one kind of consumer as there's not just one kind of photography genre/style but out of all the alternatives I think m4/3 is the most versatile and adaptable.

The thing is though, technological merits don't always guarantee direct success, Panoly need to get their act together and start an aggressive ad campaign if they want to counter-balance the ignorance displayed in the video. This is the time to act, I mean, even with instagram, facebook and the plethora of photo-sharing sites, are people actually interested in photography ? or are they just interested in photographs ? the whole market is sustained on top of consumer perceptions and those perceptions are changing as the does the consumer itself. Nowadays actual cameras are sold solely to people already interested in photography, gone are the days where people NEEEDED a camera to take and share photographs, they have phones now.

In this shrinking market can Pany and Oly enjoy the luxury of nonexistent marketing ? If they have to sell cameras to camera-people they need to act now before that crowd shrinks even further in the coming years. This is not another doomsday thread, far from it, I'm hopeful that m4/3 is here to stay, that's why I'm sticking to it, I'm convinced that mirrorless IS the future of photography BUT there's no denying that the market will shrink and the few people who will choose to get an actual camera in the future will need to have the alternatives presented to them through marketing, and in that regard m4/3 is really lacking.

What do you think, does m4/3 need more street-cred ?

Word of mouth will sell more Camera's than crap talking company reps. So it's up to enthusiasts to spread the word.

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