In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: What do results say?

MarkJH wrote:

paulkienitz wrote:

MarkJH wrote:

You can cry about how great DSLRs are until you're hoarse, but if photographers using mirrorless gear are redefining the art--with their results--in ways that clients find more compelling, then no one will (or should) really care what you have to say.

How about you get back to us when or if this scenario ever manages to happen.

You don't pay much attention to the fashion press, do you?

Mirrorless photography is *everywhere* in the ad copy and editorials.

That's why I asked about results. Since I'm starting to see mirrorless photography in places that, two or three years ago had been the exclusive domain of FX DSLRs (or medium format), I can't help but be skeptical of the OP's "defense," which doesn't talk about results in any way.

Just look at the sidelines of a sports game or press conference.

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