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Re: Nex-7 and portraits

Family stuff/portraits is pretty much ALL I've been doing with my NEX bodies for the past 15 months !! And like you, I was coming from a FF DSLR (D700/5D).

I invite you to check out my blog, here :

There is a bunch of portraits on today's homepage, and if you take a minute to browse you'll find a million more. I find the NEX 7 an amazing portrait tool for several reasons :

1) IQ is top notch. Depending on the glass used and ligthing you can get stellar optical results

2) adapting all kind of lenses and focusing manually with Peaking is a breeze. I do that for 90% of my portrait work

3) I recently aquired an LA-EA2 adapter so now I can also use AF Minolta and Sony lenses if I fancy to

4) The NEX form factor is extremely unassertive and totally unintimidating. People have NO clue what power house you have in your hands with it. They assume it's a compact cam and do not feel threatened in any way. The only downside is paid work. I've shown up to paid gigs with it and promptly picked up an bulky DSLR when I saw the look on the clients's faces.

5) The tilt screen is godsend, MUCH better for stealth that screens swiveling to the side (which seem to be better for video). You can very easily compose from the waist and your subject has no idea whether you're shooting or just fiddling with the camera. Their tension and self defense go down.

6) The TriNavi system is absolutely fantastic and, once configured, puts all the controls you need at the tip of your fingers. Full time exposure preview means you can shoot in Manual mode 100% of the time and hardly ever get a misexposed shot. WYSISYG !!

Just to illustrate my points here are a couple :

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