In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: worst cliche on dpreview: "Mirrorless is dead"

walkaround wrote:

Richard wrote:

Phones have cut into the ENTIRE camera business.

This is simply not true. Smartphones have cut into the cheapo point and shoot market only.

That is clearly not true.

Tourists all have a DSLR around their necks. Go out and look some time.

Sorry, that is not true. I would say 95 percent of people have a cell phone, of that probably 50 percent have a smart phens

Nobody is saying, "Gee I am really torn between a NEX and an iPhone for my photography."

I agree, there are so few people who even know about the Nex is.

And mirrorless is not in decline, the sales numbers can be fudged any way you like it

Sorry you are wrong.

- but in Asia they are beating DSLRs now.

Cultural difference but not in America and Europe, Americans have pleanty of money

The rest of the world will follow when the technology, price and selection has matured.

The rest world does not have a lot of money to spend on Nex, they too will have cell phones.

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