In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: Stop complaining, start arguing.

paulkienitz wrote:

MarkJH wrote:

Kodachrome200 wrote:

Wouldn't it be wonderful if greatness had a recipe?

I'm not saying you shouldn't have to work hard or try. But man, if it were true that there were a few constants in this world that if you just studied the he// out of them and worked hard, then bam: success, greatness, glory would be yours.

wtf are you talking about.

I'm talking about *you*. You felt a need to "defend" DLRs against people who show that more innovative, compelling results can be made with other tools. And since your "defense" doesn't talk about resulting photographs in any way, I can only conclude that you're upset about something else. (WTF am I talking about? An argument about cameras that completely disregards photographs--that's what I'm talking about.) My hunch is that you're mad other people are shooting gorgeous stuff with techniques and technology you don't really understand. You want there to be a "recipe" for professional photography, a "recipe" that happens to look a lot like the way you do it. You want everyone to agree that DSLRs are important. I'm reminding you that they don't. I'm reminding you that they, unlike you, have results to show the validity and relevance of they're doing.

Dude, seriously, what the WTF??

First, I see no grounds at all for any of your ad-hominem assumptions about what other people must be thinking and believing and experiencing. It's obviously and completely groundless.

And second, where on Earth are you getting this idea that mirrorless shooters are somehow producing new exciting results that DSLR shooters aren't capable of?? That's just nuts. There is no such thing as a picture that mirrorless can shoot and DSLRs can't, aside from rare occasions where you need to physically wedge a camera into a small space. Especially when most DSLRs now have live-view functionality, meaning they can function as mirrorless or as mirrored at will.

Yeah, so:

(1) the last time I shot a 1DX in Live View, I couldn't help but notice that it focused with considerably less speed and finesse than an OM-D.  Color me skeptical that they are as "equivalent" in that regard as you argue.

(2) so you're arguing that DSLR can go everywhere, conveniently, a mirrorless camera can--excepting those few tiny "wedge-into" opportunities?  Really?  Size / weight / visibility is a complete non-issue, doesn't affect photographic opportunity in any way ever?  Color me skeptical.

(3) It doesn't bother you that a "defense" of DSLRs doesn't talk, at all, about what DSLRs are uniquely capable of doing?

OK.  Carry on.   Seems like kind of a weak defense to me, but clearly I'm the weird one.

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