In Defense of the DSLR

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Stop complaining, start arguing.

Kodachrome200 wrote:

Wouldn't it be wonderful if greatness had a recipe?

I'm not saying you shouldn't have to work hard or try. But man, if it were true that there were a few constants in this world that if you just studied the he// out of them and worked hard, then bam: success, greatness, glory would be yours.

wtf are you talking about.

I'm talking about *you*. You felt a need to "defend" DLRs against people who show that more innovative, compelling results can be made with other tools. And since your "defense" doesn't talk about resulting photographs in any way, I can only conclude that what's really bothering you is something a little bigger. My hunch is that you're mad other people are shooting gorgeous stuff with techniques and technology you don't really understand. You seem to want people to agree that there's a "way" to conduct professional photography that happens to center around DSLRs.  (Please feel free to tell me I'm reading you wrong and that you don't want that.)  I'm reminding you that people don't agree about this.  And I'm reminding you that many of them, unlike you, have results to show the validity and relevance of what they're doing.

You're busy "defending" DSLRs while other people are busy finding interesting ways to shoot innovative photography.  That's wtf I'm talking about.

You didn't ask for advice, but you need some. So here it is: don't defend technology, defend results. No client cares how you're producing your photographs; they care only whether the result meets their desires and whether you can produce it for what they're willing to pay. So care about that. Find and favor technology that enables that.

The world shifts and changes and moves, and if you're unwilling to shift, change, and move with it in developing an innovative, compelling, relevant artistic product, you're screwed. There are no "rules," there are just results.


This is easily the most pompous thing i have ever read in my life. Firstly i get the impression you didnt even read what you are responding to. I wrote about how bizarre it seemed to me that people are predicting the end of the DSLR when it seemed to me that they are still a very useful tool.

Show us why. Show us what DSLRs do better. Don't just talk. Show us. Because if you can't do that, then what of real value is your opinion?

"People are predicting the end of the DSLR" because they're seeing gorgeous results that have come from other kinds of equipment.  I'm in your face because your "defense" doesn't respond to that at all.  The question is "why should I shoot a DSLR if I can get a better, faster, easier result a different way?"  Where's your answer?  You could be showing us what's special about DSLR product, but instead you just complain that you don't like EVFs and fanboys.

And you responded with, well actually cant easily summarize your response except that it seems to be various ways of talking down to me that have nothing to do with what i wrote.

Except that it has everything to do with what you wrote. I'm calling you out, dude: I think your "defense" is a bunch of worthless mischaracterizations that have no basis in fact. And I think this because you haven't shown us anything. Your "defense" is just a rant of personal dislikes.  So what? Who cares? Why are you an authority of anything? An interesting, worthwhile, useful argument would have shown us why DSLRs are a uniquely relevant and important tool in a world that also includes mirrorless technology. You didn't do that. You just complained that fanboys don't like them.

All i can tell you is I have been doing this professionally since the film days. I have made many technological and none of them were too difficult. I traded my Hasselblad and my 4x5 camera in for Dslr many years ago and never looked back.

And where you get this idea that i am rigid religious dslr zealot from what i wrote i have no idea.

I didn't accuse you of being a "religious DSLR zealot." I did accuse you of making an argument about photographic equipment and technique that you didn't tie to any actual photography. How can you argue that a given technology or technique is worthwhile without showing us what it and it alone is capable of doing?

I did do one uncharitable thing, though: because you didn't tie your defense to evidence or results, I concluded you couldn't.  But I'd love it--and the thread would be useful--if you would.

I absolutely love my Ricoh GR and my iphone is great little camera to have around. And i actually think the fuji mirrorless gear is on its way to looking pretty cool but i dont think i want to be an early adopter. I still love 4x5 camera too. it has no use for me for client work but its great fun for personal projects.

I have honestly nothing against mirrorless cameras. I just think that dslrs are still very useful tools. And when i read fanboys on this forum say dslrs are dinosaurs and pros are just sheep that buy whatever canon and nikon put out i am just flabbergasted. its really strange.

No. What's really strange is an argument about photographic technology that doesn't depend on photographs. You can shout about fanboys and characterize other people's arguments all you like, but it doesn't say anything worthwhile beyond "Kodachrome200 thinks [x]." Who gives a crap?

Make an argument, dude. If DSLRs aren't dinosaurs, if the professionals who shoot them aren't "just sheep," then show us why, don't just bellyache about it.

And if you can't, then it's obviously time to reconsider your opinion.


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