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Re: Nikon & Canon

The fact of the matter is, it's not like Canon or Nikon have any special sauce or special know-how of how to make DSLRs. The reason they're market leaders is because they cornered the market long ago, and now it's prohibitively expensive for any other manufacturer to compete. The only way for another manufacturer to compete in the camera business is to do something else. There's absolutely zero evidence that these two are innovators in any way, and I believe they're pretty much stifling the camera industry as a whole.

An inconvenient truth is that Canon and Nikon actually do produce outstanding equipment - this has more to do with their ability to gain and retain market share than anything else. In addition, to say that Canon and Nikon are not in any way innovators also overlooks the facts. Nikon, for instance, has produced the groundbreaking D3s (astounding low-light capability) , D800 (resolution never before achieved in a DSLR) and the D600 (outstanding resolution and full-frame sensor with pro-sumer body and price). That sounds pretty innovative to me - and apparently to millions of others.

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