In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: In Defense of the DSLR

Kodachrome200 wrote:

As I joined this forum I started to notice a lot of people talking about how dslrs were obsolete dinosaurs. This was news to me. I knew about mirrorless cameras but i never realized anyone was predicting that they would mean the complete end of the Dslr

People predicted that film would die, and it did.

But lets get real, the SLR won't die altogether, just as Film isn't dead. But these things will eventually go on life support. Just like how they still make even in this day, bellows and TLR cameras.

Now I think the predicted death of the DSLR has been greatly exaggerated. I work as a professional photographer and I of course get to meet other people in my field all the time and they are still pretty happy with their Canon and Nikons.

Your point? You can still be pretty happy with FILM, it has no meaning to the progression of technology.

Now i have heard people in this forum say the pros use Canon and Nikon gear because they dont know any better.

They might just want to say that Canon and Nikon are highly overrated.

The fact is the current state of technology EVFs are sad little things that arent nearly up to alot of peoples standards.

This is a pretty silly thing to claim. My EVF's are hardly sad. Considering it can do things your OVF can't do .... at alll. Apples vs Oranges here.

Can you preview live bulb through your optical viewfinder?

Can you look into the sun through your optical viewfinder without eye damage?

Can you get an accurate exposure preview through your optical viewfinder?

Can you review your images through your optical viewfinder and avoid chimping?

Can you magnify x14 in your optical viewfinder?

Can you have focus peaking in your optical viewfinder?

"Sad things"....? Hardly. Only thing is sad is that you are too blind to understand the benefits they provide.

There plenty of valid reasons to want a full frame sensor.

Which you can get on mirrorless...

You do realize even if evfs become so good you cant tell the difference between them and reality they actually still may not be preferable to alot of people.

An OVF is just a tool for framing. An EVF is much more than that which makes a lot of sense to DIGITAL.

I personally would rather not see exposure or white balance previewed in camera.

So... why even have digital then? You should like you should go back to film... and scan.

Besides, you can turn those features off.

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