In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: Just die already DSLRs

Beach Bum wrote:

I think you're being short-sighted. How long do you think DSLRs will maintain the advantage for stills? On sensor PDAF will eventually take off and squeeze out the mirror box entirely. That's the way innovation works.

My point is that the mirror box will eventually be a thing of the past. It may not seem like that now, but you can't stop progress. Some people just look at today's sales figures and feel it will always be this way.

And DSLRs don't do everything better. I have yet to find a DSLR I'd prefer to use for video than an mFT, the Canon 70D excepted. Frankly, Panasonic mFTs work as well as dedicated camcorders, with better video quality.

People don't buy things based on what's better. That's been conclusively shown time and time again. The average consumer is, for lack of a better word, immensely stupid. They follow trends that don't necessarily have anything to do with quality or lack thereof. That's why it's so difficult to predict. If I were to just invest in the company that made the best products, I'd go broke, because that has nothing to do with what sells.

But, for my money, I'd predict something smaller and trendier being the big seller over yesterday's behemoths. Eventually word of mouth will favor the mirrorless camera. You'll get the right articles endorsing them, the right people endorsing them, and eventually you'll begin to see a shift. That's just my prediction.

And, IMO, I don't believe that the so-called pros are going to have much of a say either way.

I don't doubt that someday the mirror box will be gone.  What I find more relevant is how the different sensor size formats will survive or thrive.  IMO even if the mirror box goes bye-bye there will likely remain a market for APS-C and FF sensors.  It wouldn't be all that difficult for Canon or Nikon to make mirrorless APS-C cameras similar to, say, a Panasonic G6.

The larger sensor will always yield IQ improvements and depth of field advantages over smaller sensors.  The same way a MFT camera beats something like a Sony RX100.

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