Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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Re: Sony, idea for FW update!

OK Let's clear up a few things: There is no fake shutter sound on any of the NEX cameras. The NEX3 sounds different that the 5N and the 7 because it does not have the electronic first curtain. Obviously, the low priced A300 has the same all mechanical shutter and has a similar sound. The reason it is so noisy is because when you press the release the shutter makes 4 operations: 1. to close (it is already open for live view) 2. it opens to make the exposure, 3.closes to finish the exposure and 4. opens again for live view. Cameras with electronic exposure the shutters only have to close and open, this explains the dramatic difference in sound. Digital cameras that have the shutter in the lens can be totally silent and often have the speaker sound to let you know you took a picture. You could have a silent mirrorless camera, but a shutter would have to be built into every single lens. This would mean even more expense and no option to use legacy glass.

Here is a good explnation of the electronic first curtain shutter:


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