Nikon D7100 - Six months after joining the "Dark Side"

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Re: Nikon D7100 - Six months after joining the "Dark Side"

wildlifr wrote:

RudyPohl wrote:

wildlifr wrote:

This statement is a bit off Rudy. DOF at 300mm f4 on D7100 (450mm in 35mm terms) at 5 meters = .04 meters DOF. This field of view is equivalent to 81mm (also 450mm in 35mm terms) on your FZ200, which, at 5 meters, has DOF = .11 meters. In fact even the nikon 70-300 at f5.6 has shallower DOF (.06 meters). In a nutshell, its quite a bit easier to obtain shallow DOF and subject isolation with the APS-C sensor size than with the FZ200. And DOF is one of the most important factors that contributes to bokeh for a given scene. Lens design is also important.

Hi wildlifr:

I realize what the calculations appear to say, however, having examined a couple of hundred of my shots with the FZ200 and a similar number with the D7100 + 70-300 VR combo, I can say without hesitation that my bokeh was consistently much better with the FZ00, in fact the bokeh of the FZ200 while using F2.8 (which was a lot of the time for me) was fabulous.


No offense, but I'd have to see identical shots of the same scene side by side at typical shooting parameters before I believed that. Otherwise, there's far too much variability. The fact that its so much easier to obtain shallow DOF with the much larger APS-C sensor is what drives my skepticism, because other than the details of the background, I think the ability to produce shallow DOF is the single biggest factor in obtaining pleasing bokeh. Aperture blade design is in the mix too.

Not a problem wildlifr, no offense taken. I understand your skepticism and unfortunately I don't have identical shots, nor would I be motivated to get some... I couldn't do it anyway because I no longer have an FZ200. I'm just saying that anyone is welcome to rummage through my Flickr gallery and see for themselves what a consistently nice bokeh the FZ200 produced in the 7 months that I used it... what is not to be found in that gallery is the countless images I trashed from from the D7100 + 70-300 combo because the bokeh was so dreadful.

Again, these are only my opinions and my understanding of my experience after shooting 35,000 combined shots with both cameras over a 13 month period.


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