In Defense of the DSLR

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PerL wrote:

Kodachrome200 wrote:You do realize even if evfs become so good you cant tell the difference between them and reality they actually still may not be preferable to alot of people. I personally would rather not see exposure or white balance previewed in camera.

Exactly - it is only disturbing, it is better to learn to expose and concentrate on the subject.

Some people like having all that in their viewfinder and if so then that's okay with me. I want a viewfinder that does the best possible job of being a viewfinder, and leaving the exposure and white balance etc. to the camera's other systems meant to handle those things. I shoot RAW anyhow and other than being grossly off the settings, I doubt anyone can expect to set a perfect white balance off an EVF.

and even if everyone decided to get cameras with evfs most pro's and a lot of other people would choose ones that were no smaller than current full frame cameras and they would have full frame sensors. I suspect they will be made my canon and nikon and use the same lens mount we are currently using.

Clearly Mirrorless cameras are going to have there share of the market dslrs used to dominate. but just like i really doubt cell phones are going to kill compact cameras, i think Dslrs are going to be around a long time

DSLRs are by far the most effective shooting machines in the photo world, IQ-wise, ergonomical, lens wise.

DSLR's were designed with functionality and capability as the top of the criteria list - not 'compact' or 'fits in a pocket'. And it shows.

If mirrorless does what someone needs then fine, good for them. But don't come around insisting 'my camera is so good for me it is good enough for what you do as well'. Drop the insecurity and just use your camera.

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