In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: In Defense of the DSLR

D Cox wrote:

Kodachrome200 wrote:

live view at this stage is not sharp enought visually to focus manually without zooming or peaking

thats the primary disadvantage you can see well enough. again many people will pay more to overcome this

Well, peaking is the whole point. It is a better way of judging focus than a ground glass, microprism, or rangefinder. It operates across the whole image area and is very clear.

And it is derived from the actual image that the camera will record, not from some other surface that may or may not be at the same distance from the lens.

However, you can also if you want magnify the image for careful focussing.

Not all of us are shooting bowls of fruit or flowers or scenic vistas where we can focus at leisure between puffs on our Meerschaum pipes. We have to use autofocus, it has to be fast, and by and large it does a very fine job for us.

Really, why do so many people worry about what kind of camera someone ELSE uses? I don't have any problem with someone using mirrorless if it works for their kind of shooting. Why must they come around trying to tell me that their camera is good enough for my kind of shooting, when I know it's not? Are they getting a commission on mirrorless camera sales or something?

I don't care if someone is happy with mirrorless. Fine, I am happy that they like it. I just don't need them coming around trying to convince me (rather, themselves) that what they have is as good for my purposes when it's not.

Everyone should enjoy shooting what works for them and stop worrying about what works for the other guy.

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