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Re: Just die already DSLRs

Beach Bum wrote:

I've personally never contended that pros only use Canon or Nikon because they don't know any better, although that's certainly part of it.

The fact of the matter is, it's not like Canon or Nikon have any special sauce or special know-how of how to make DSLRs. The reason they're market leaders is because they cornered the market long ago, and now it's prohibitively expensive for any other manufacturer to compete.

Yes, this is also why Honda and Toyota are leaders in compact cars. Everyone knows they make crap, but it would be too expensive for other companies to compete against them anymore.

The only way for another manufacturer to compete in the camera business is to do something else. There's absolutely zero evidence that these two are innovators in any way, and I believe they're pretty much stifling the camera industry as a whole.

Of course.

Also, the so-called professional isn't a driver of anything. There are far more average consumers than there are professionals.

I find it amusing when either a manufacturer sticks 'PRO' on their products or when users of the smaller brands start worrying about whether their newest model can compete against the big boys from Nikon and Canon with professionals. Why worry, if the camera does what the USER wants it to?

Canon and Nikon sit at the top only because the average consumer is aligned with the pro at the moment. When the wind shifts, which, don't kid yourself, it will, the pro could find himself sitting alone defending the DSLR, while everyone else happily uses their, just as functional but smaller, mirrorless model.

When the smaller mirrorless model becomes just as functional as the DSLR then things will change. And when ladies' high heel shoes become as functional as work boots, then lady truckers and lady factory workers will wear them to work. It's bound to happen any month now!

And lets not forget that budget DSLRs have crappy OVFs, and EVFs in this price segment may be great sight better (no pun intended) than OVFs.

My first two DSLR's were Canon Rebels, reputed to have those 'crappy' OVF's. But I never felt deprived, and I never gave a though to 'gee I wish I had an EVF so I could have some tearing and freezing'. Even the cheapest DSLR OVF is working with light at the speed of light.

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