In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: In Defense of the DSLR

Nice of you to do it, but the DSLR doesn't need defending. The only people complaining about DSLRs are people who don't use them. By tearing down the DSLR it helps them feel as though their mirrorless or 'other' camera is superior.

They like to tell us how 'bloated' our cameras are and then they post photos of their mirrorless cameras with big honkin' zooms ("Look! It's almost as big as Dad's!") and with tacked on EVFs that make their small cameras a lot less compact.

I've got a Canon 7D, it's not a small camera by any stretch, and I love it. Body controls I can work with, it's great to shoot with, and it doesn't feel the need to stick 'PRO' on the body anyplace to make it seem really 'pro'.

Ever notice it's always that other crowd trying to tear down the DSLR, while most DSLR users don't bother about that little puppy nipping at our heels. Shoo, little puppies!

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It's nice to say that nice pictures are nice. (sarcasm)

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