In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: In Defense of the DSLR

What I dislike about DSLRS is the awful noise they make. Every public introduction of celebrities is marred by the machine gun-like fire from these monstrosities. The concept that photographers and videographers should remain silent witnesses to such events is completely alien to these 'professionals'.

Translating this to the tourist scene - do I want the clattering mirrors and krchunking of roller blind shutters spoiling my video sound in Kelly Tarlton's Undersea World or on the Sky Tower viewing galleries?

In addition, on the Devonport-Auckland ferry the typical DSLR operator needs two seats, one for himself and another for his gear.

Granted, EVFs still leave something to be desired. While there are now high resolution EVFs, their refresh rate really needs to be 120 per second for reliable tracking of fast objects. At 30fps a flying gannet can be gone during one frame refresh.

To go back to my gripe, I take videos from the top of my accordion during our public Morris dance performances. On my Olympus SZ-30MR pocket P&S I can take full resolution stills in the middle of a video take (when there are enough musicians to allow me to take my hands off my own keyboard). These stills are totally invisible and inaudible on the downloaded video.

I have been asked over the last few months to take videos and stills during conversations between a New Zealand artist and his regular buyer. These have come about because I could do the first few with a minimum of disruption. The fact that the videos now exist is assisting the artist to gain wider publicity for his work - which in turn helps with his order book. Because I conducted myself in a manner that he could tolerate at the beginning, I am now a welcome visitor in my photographic capacity.

In my perception, the gear available for 'professional' photographers and videographers turns them into a bunch of interfering bar stewards. They should have no influence on the events they attend. I have in my possession a 'professionally' made DVD of a regular Jazz Band evening, the format of which was visibly and audibly disrupted by the video crew - and this was commented on after I managed to record an evening without disruption, which as a consequence has a much enhanced musical quality when compared to the 'professional' effort.


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