Putting It Into Perspective...

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Putting It Into Perspective...

This is an "opinion" so if you don't like opinions - don't bother reading further.....

Lately there have been some heated discussions, mud slinging, personal insults and such on a few threads which have had me thinking about just what is truly important about our equipment and what we do with it.

We buy and use a cameras for various reasons. Some make their living with it, some use it to preserve memories, some use it in creative ways as a medium of expression and some are just interested in the technology. Of course, in some cases it may indeed be a mixture of any or all of the above.

On the Sigma forum we fairly frequently have visitors who participate here, but do not use our Sigma cameras. Sometimes they come to the forum to argue technology or school us on the inadequacy of the Sigma body or the Foveon sensor. Sometimes they come to learn about the significant differences in the Sigma and other conventional cameras. Others may be just curious and browsing while in some cases the visitor is simply a troll seeking to create controversy.

Regardless, what is truly important is that those who own and/or use Sigma cameras do so for a reason. That reason is that they truly like the results they get with this technology better than the results they get with other technology in some situations or perhaps in all situations.

In my own personal case, I have used both Sigma and conventional digital cameras for both personal pleasure and professionally. I use what works best for me and for my clients and I really don't care what instrument was used to capture the image if it meets my standards and make me or my client happy.

I know what I like, and I know what my client likes and I know these things better than any other living human being. So I honestly don't need, nor do I want the opinions of someone else about an image unless I ask for it. I don't need nor do I want to hear the opinions of real experts or pseudo-experts about why my choice of equipment is wrong or that my image is "full of artifacts" or the shadows are blocked up or the dynamic range is lacking or "I see purple blotches" or any other "opinion" regardless of how qualified the person offering that opinion is or believes themselves to be.

I don't want nor do I need the opinions of someone who is, or believes they are an expert on sensors or technology. Please don't try to impress me with your technical expertise, charts, math, physics, numbers and theory because I'm not interested.  I know what I like in an image and that's what's important to me.That's what also important to my clients, my friends and others with whom I might share images. If I say I get better results with my Canon or my Olympus or my Nikon in a certain situation, then don't argue with me that I really "should" have been using a Sigma. If I say I get better results with my Sigma for skin tones or landscape detail than with any of my other digital cameras, don't argue with me and tell me that it simply isn't so because "you" are an expert in the technology and you can prove to me with your charts, numbers, theory and math that it simply can't be so. In the immortal words of Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Image quality is, in large, a very subjective issue. If I'm happy and my client is happy then that is absolutely all that is important. If I say I get better results with my Sigma camera than with "any" other camera I have used, then that is exactly what it true. "Better" is a subjective term not subject to discussion or argument.

Just keep these thoughts in mind when responding to someone's post and before beginning an argument with them and I truly believe things will go much more peacefully on the Sigma forum.

Best regards,


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