GH3 Viewfinder Coating comes off

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Re: GH3 Viewfinder Coating comes off

Graham Best wrote:

Sunscreen/lotion (especially the spray type), and insect repellent containing DEET are known to damage plastics, and the coatings used on plastics. One may find numerous instances reported on the web of damage to various products resulting from contact with sprays/lotions.

It's a pity that more people aren't aware of the problem. My education resulted from ruining a pair of sunglasses years ago.

One can find products labeled "gear safe". I use Sawyer brand insect repellent containing Permethrin, which is effective and plastic safe.


I think we will have to differ. For a start, I am an engineer and am very aware of the risk to plastics posed by various chemicals, in my view Panasonic should have fitted a "pro" camera with a glass eyepiece not a plastic one. I've not changed my brand of sunscreen for several years and I've never had this problem before. Your theory doesn't explain why one user is now reporting the coating coming off as a result of wiping the EVF with a lens cloth to remove a couple of small drops of rain, when it was in perfect condition before that. The same user (who does use her camera a great deal) is also reporting that the icons are burnt into the viewfinder so they are visible when they are not meant to be.

I want to be clear I'm not a Panasonic Basher, I bought a G1 the first day they were available in the UK, I have a lot of lenses, and I've also got through a GH1, GF1 and GX1 before buying the GH3. But the GH3 viewfinder has been a huge disappointment in many ways, not just the coating coming off.

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