Epson R2400, end of life message, strange thing happened. What ?

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Epson R2400, end of life message, strange thing happened. What ?

Hello All,

I've had this weird thing happen to my Epson R2400 printer.
The other night, printing out off Lightroom 5, the printer comes up with the well known "parts in your printer have reached end of life......."message, don't remember the exact words.

First when this screen comes up and me having read about this before on the forum, I try to close the screen but the only way to get out is the Stop button. The printing stops.
I start another one, same message but this time I decide to let the screen open and the print finishes nicely.I continue and finish other prints.

Then shutdown the printer and start looking for a Wic resetter and key.
Seeing what a mess with offers not to clear and me being not to sure 'cause it's a european printer I decide to PM the toolman for links as I think he must have bought this before.

24hrs later I start my printer, as I have read that others had their printer blocked after this, just to see what happens.
The red Leds of the two upper buttons start flashing it will not prepaire for printing, I think allright, it's blocked.

Just to tease it a little I push and hold the start button while the Leds are flashing and surely it does it's little cleaning cycle and off we go, printing like there's no tommorrow, no more message, nothing.

I then download a Wic utillity and readout the counters, much to my surprise it returns 17,48 and 13,01 percent.

Then a 2nd PM to Joe with the story and asking what he thinks.
Also to tell him not to bother with the links I asked for as I found them in a thread on this forum, they were posted by Zone8 I think.

Joe responded promptly,didn't have the answer, gave the usual guidelines for the waste ink handling and suggested to put this on the forum to see if others might shine a light. Thank you Joe for everything you put on the forum so far.

So anyone have a clue what's going on here?

PS:   It runs IJC carts that I refill, you know, the starterkit carts.
The printer thinks Light Magenta is at 12% even though it's half full.
Sofar it never clogged with IJC Chromium pro 4K pigment ink though I left it without use for two months sometimes ( I know I'm lookin' for trouble)

Thank you for reading, sorry for my english, live in France.

Ciao, Han

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