In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: In Defense of the DSLR

paulkienitz wrote:

The thing is, there's nothing stopping any mirrorless or any DSLR from adding as much connectivity as a phone. They're moving slowly on that, but they're definitely moving.

I think what's keeping mirrorless sales flat was that an EVF was supposed to be smaller and cheaper than an OVF, but so far, it's more expensive. In addition to being not good enough yet to compete aesthetically. The real mirrorless vs DSLR battle isn't even going to start until the EVFs get quite a bit better and cheaper.

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It must be said though, that some OVFs are not very nice to use. 'Dark little tunnels' has often been used to describe them. I'd rather have a good EVF than a bad OVF, and I'd rather have a good OVF than a bad EVF. I just like to see what I'm shooting as clearly as possible.

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