In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: In Defense of the DSLR

stevo23 wrote:

steelhead3 wrote:

I would love to hear the arguments and defenses from 60 years ago when those new fangled thru the lens cameras were introduced.

It's hard to answer that question because the SLR had a long incubation phase that started as far back as the 1600s, but as a camera in the 1800's. It's moment as a viable camera design seems to come in the 60's when the right combination of technologies came into being to create a marketable product. And not all of them were great devices. This is all available on Wikipedia under "history of SLR cameras".

In the 60's, as I recall, they were well received if not clamored for.

They were very expensive.

Mechanically coupled rangefinders were difficult because the field of view was never , ground glass was like looking through tissue paper. Unlike today where people are drumming up perceived "chains" of the DSLR, people were actually happy for something better. You could get accurate focus with an exact field of view. It was wonderful.

I echo the sentiments of the OP - there seems to be this idea that the DSLR is this evil death star and it seems coupled with a hatred for the two companies that make them. That's too bad - I don't understand why people have to get so egregious in either direction. I've owned several cameras over the years including an old Contax, a few classic Kodaks, Speed Graphic, some TLRs, a studio 4x5, several compacts including the old "baby rollei" which I still have, a few Nikons and a couple of mirrorless enthusiast zooms. I've enjoyed them all for their strengths and weaknesses and find the history of every camera company fascinating and fun to learn about.

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