K3 rumor thread II: the rumoring... 40 MP via sensor shift?

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K3 rumor thread II: the rumoring... 40 MP via sensor shift?

The K3 rumors-from-the-plant thread got full, so I figure I'll reboot it with the most provocative item from the original thread... courtesy of Greyser:

There is a comment on the Rice High's K-3 rumors:

You're such a fun Rice. So did you sell your 21MP 5D Mark Something after the A30000 piece of trash was announced?Is 5DMkXX worth a few thouzand $$ on top of K-3's 20MP or A30000's?
What "source" doesn't mention is the class leading AF, radical increaze in performance, next gen image procezzor that will leave any 5D in dust. Plus a senzor glide shift operating mode to capture 40MP files with amazing clarity — stuff that was rezerved for MF so far. All that using your good DA glass. Now Nikon and Canon will roll in pain, becauze they never invested in body senzor stabilization.
I think many have no idea what they're missing now; many will start selling back their Nikon D600 plasticz to get one of theze babiez.

Posted under Mike Kawasaki name 5hrs. ago.

Kind of interesting details, I think

This lends a lot of credence to the story that the new camera will offer a fake 40MP mode by using a 20MP sensor which gets shifted by half a pixel in mid exposure. There are obvious limitations to this approach, such as the need for a stationary target and probably a stationary camera, as the two halves of the exposure may have to be separated by a significant interval of time, like at least 1/30 second. Also, with only a single shift, you'll gain resolution on one axis (possibly diagonal) but not the opposite one. One wonders if the 40 MP raw files will have a rectangular aspect ratio to the pixels.

Hasselblad used this sort of approach to inflate 40 MP to 160, but they do it using six shifted exposures, not two. So there will be compromises. Who knows, maybe Pentax will use three samplings, shifting the sensor on both axes. But unless the entire sensor chip is redesigned from the ground up around this trick, I expect the time it takes will be long enough that the camera will have to be on a tripod.

Still, if it works at all, it will be a serious bragging-rights feature over C and N, and very useful for landscapes and still life / product shots in a studio.  It will make the camera shine in DPReview's studio test and the equivalents on other review sites, and this will help sell plenty of cameras.

The other rumor that I liked the sound of was a 1.0 mag viewfinder.

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