In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: In Defense of the DSLR

There's a greater issue here, and that is the shrinking market for old-school enthusiast photographers. That's why even though mirrorless has captured a large segment of the enthusiast market, there doesn't seem to be as much money being made there as had been hoped. The smartphone is the real culprit, and not just for its small size and ubiquitous presence, but for its connectivity. The vast majority of images are shared and distributed online, and a smartphone has a superior workflow for that domain. And for speed and immediacy there's just no contest.

The number of amateur photographers who make prints is an extremely small and shrinking niche market. Most of those soccer moms who bought Digital Rebels over the last 8 years are not going to replace them with DSLRs. Connectivity will be the key, and it won't be long until cameras have an Instagram (or similar) app pre-installed, short of an actual OS on board (although it needs to be a lot cheaper than Samsung's attempts here). Right now it's the smartphone that carries that role best.

Mirrorless advocates who say the DSLR is a dinosaur are partially correct. However, their mirrorless cameras are also just smaller dinosaurs, because size is only one part of the equation. It's the connectivity workflow will be the key.

It's a whole new world out there for photography, and those of us who frequent this site are no longer the dominant part of it. I'll keep shooting big files and making prints, but there are going to be fewer and fewer companies making stuff for my needs. And that's OK, we can go back to being obscure geeks again.

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