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Re: Compared OMD EM5 vs. 70D with which lenses?

4thnebula wrote:

I can also add, since I mentioned it in my other post, that live view af with my Olympus OMD EM5 is much faster than any live view I have ever used so I sure don't expect an EOS M2 to match it. But I can also say that I find the autofocus with my Oly EM5 to be so fast that it is very near the speed of my Canon 70D with 50mm f1.4 using phase detection.

However, close is good enough for me for what I would use an EOS M2 for (only stills, candids and landscapes).

Hope this clears things up some. Let me know.

The point of my questions is that AF performance is a combination of the camera and the lenses. Lenses that are designed with live view/mirrorless in mind will AF faster on live view/mirrorless cameras than lenses that were only designed for phase detect cameras. This is why I asked if you were using micro 4/3 lenses (that are designed exclusively for mirrorless) or if you are using 4/3 lenses (that are designed for phase detect) on your OMD EM5.

Canon STM lenses are kind of in between in that they are designed for both phase detect and also for live view/mirrorless. (Well, actually designed for video AF, but that is mostly the same thing as live view/mirrorless, AFAIK.)  Because Canon STM lenses perform well on the M I'd like to hear how they perform on the 70D in live view mode.

And this new AF technology is heavily dependent on the algorithms in the firmware, as EOS M owners experienced with the recent firmware upgrade. Because the 70D sensor is most definitly new technology, I'd expect that there will be AF speed improvements as time goes on, as firmware algorithms are tweaked.


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