In Defense of the DSLR

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In defense of dinosaurs

All this business about birds (mirrorless) or mammals (phone cameras) is greatly over-rated.

No reason to be haunted about the demise of DSLR-US!

Reptiles will continue to crawl, slither, or scuttle about the planet, even millions of years from now, regardless whether the polar caps are icy or balmy.  Their anatomy and neurological structures are optimum for the long haul.  They don't get flighty or spooked the way "higher" creatures do.  They bask or hibernate, and let population fluctuate in accord with long term geological cycles.  So what if their infant mortality rates are high?  At least the dads get an occasional meal that also lets the young-'uns know that life is tough.

Nothing beats dinos as fossils, either.  How many beds of petrified bison herds or chickens can you find?  Hardly any.  The old saurian designs were best: big skull (if small cranium), huge jaws, javelin teeth, bulky thigh bones, and a loooooong tail.

Seriously, I bemoan other things, like the extinction of telephone books or convertible automobiles.  What ever became of the '65 Chevy Impala or its lineage?  Then there's that most endangered species of all: the AOWM.  Cranky as a T-Rex, protective of his toys, but doomed to be swept aside in a diverse world of touch screens and "connectivity."

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