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Re: In Defense of the DSLR

Kodachrome200 wrote:

As I joined this forum I started to notice a lot of people talking about how dslrs were obsolete dinosaurs. This was news to me. I knew about mirrorless cameras but i never realized anyone was predicting that they would mean the complete end of the Dslr

Now I think the predicted death of the DSLR has been greatly exaggerated. I work as a professional photographer and I of course get to meet other people in my field all the time and they are still pretty happy with their Canon and Nikons. Now i have heard people in this forum say the pros use Canon and Nikon gear because they dont know any better. Now A. i think it is pretty presumptuous for folks pounding away on a camera forum to to tell the world that they know better than pro photographers and B. this is just not true. DSLRS have there own unique virtues. Just because it isnt the perfect camera for you does not mean it is right for a lot of people.

No, we say that pros defend Canon and Nikon gear because they don't know any better. They're experienced enough as photographers to make an informed choice in using a SLR; as a general rule, however, they're not experienced enough as engineers and business owners(*) to make an informed opinion as to manufacturing and operating costs, profit margins and long-term business strategy.

(*) And no, the experience of leading an independant business such as a photography service is completely different than leading a large business. This from another independant business owner -- the macro view of what I say is merely what I've heard from people who do have experience in business management, the majority of whom agree the long-term future of the SLR is spotty at best; the micro is mine, but it's offered only as supporting evidence.

The fact is the current state of technology EVFs are sad little things that arent nearly up to alot of peoples standards. There plenty of valid reasons to want a full frame sensor. The almost complete lack of professional zoom lenses in the mirrorless segment and other issues with lens choices are real problem for a lot of people. and you have to realize that alot people don't want small light cameras. Not everyone but a high end camera for traveling or for hiking. Sometimes ergonomics are more important than size.

"Sad little things"? I can't decide what's bigger; your arrogance or your ignorance. And, again, it's not about SLRs lacking reasons for buying them, it's about SLRs lacking reasons to manufacture them -- the only market you lose is that of people who, without access to a brand-new SLR, wouldn't use a mirrorless but go with an used SLR or go with no camera at all, and that's a segment which is growing increasingly smaller as time goes on.

Would people still buy SLRs in five years? sure. In ten, fifteen and twenty as well. But people still buy rangefinders now (film ones, even) in 2013, yet Canon and Nikon both killed theirs decades ago -- it simply wasn't as profitable as SLRs, and corporations aren't in the business of making people happy, they're in the business of making money.

You do realize even if evfs become so good you cant tell the difference between them and reality they actually still may not be preferable to alot of people. I personally would rather not see exposure or white balance previewed in camera. and even if everyone decided to get cameras with evfs most pro's and a lot of other people would choose ones that were no smaller than current full frame cameras and they would have full frame sensors. I suspect they will be made my canon and nikon and use the same lens mount we are currently using.

No. More likely, they'll have their own mirrorless mount and provide an adapter for the lens mount you're currently using, ala Sony -- you'd lose all the advantages of a mirrorless for lens design, otherwise.

Clearly Mirrorless cameras are going to have there share of the market dslrs used to dominate. but just like i really doubt cell phones are going to kill compact cameras, i think Dslrs are going to be around a long time

"Doubt"? cellphones aren't "going to" kill compact cameras, they're already doing so and have been for a number of years now. What, you expected the death of a market segment to be a short, swift thing, over in only a few months? IE was "killed" the best part of a decade ago by the open-source browsers and it's still among the most used browsers on the planet, but its growth rate is in the negative numbers and there's nobody with any hope for it to change. Remember MacOS, the one before the shiny X? brutally tortured by MS-DOS back in the '80s, given the coup of grace by Windows in the early '90s, yet it was hard finding a school computer lab without at least a few of the things even by the turn of the century.

What's more, even when a market has been "killed" products will be made aiming for it, as carriages, landline phones or the very own rangefinders have shown. They're just built in niche quantities, with niche R&D expenses, niche distribution and niche pricing, a completely different dynamic than with a mainstream product.

Do note however, that the death of the SLR doesn't necessarily imply the long and successful life of the large-sensored mirrorless; a not-insignificant portion of business-savvy people believe they may yet be killed by increasingly more sophisticated smartphones, the few surviving models being more of a video-oriented hybrid than a camera primarily aimed at stills shooting. What do I think of it? I hope it doesn't turn out to be the case and instinctively I feel there should still be a market for such cameras but, as above, I lack the business experience to refute them convincingly.

And also, don't think that I'm saying this because I'm a "mirrorless follower" or anything of the sort -- not only is my main camera a SLR and I don't own any mirrorless ILC, I'm pretty much this forum's biggest compact camera fan; yet, that doesn't change the facts any.

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