OM-D EM1 All the Bells & Whistles, but no meat?

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Re: Not very realistic criticism...

Yes ... the Oly JPEGs have always been the best. But Oly RAW is still better than Oly JPEG, and full frame RAW is better than Oly RAW. Size matters!

You need to compare an apple to an apple and an orange to an orange. None of the FT cameras are near as good as D3/D800 or 5D Mk.II/III and this is a fact BUT they don't have to be for, I would guess, 90% of the people who use them. Money earned professionals who rely on the resolution and superb IQ of the top level gear are in absolute minority to the mass of the passionate enthusiasts who buys most of these cameras. I won't count how many times I see people touting their FF gear and those huge white tubes and having NO IDEA of what to do with them! Just this past Saturday I was taking pictures of the American Indian tribal dancers next to a woman with a 5D and 20-700 F2.8 lens and she was struggling with the weight and couldn’t get that thing to focus properly. I asked her why she needed this set up and she said that someone told her that this is the "best out there" and she bought it. She was very impressed with pictures I took of the same dancers with my old E30/50-200 combo and how light it was compared to her "monster".

It might be an extreme example but there are thousands of FF users who don't need all that power and for them EM-1 with a new MFT "pro" grade lenses will supply plenty of IQ for the fraction of the cost and weight. Olympus needs to be out there marketing and advertising like crazy to switch the common perception of "the bigger the better" to "the right stuff for the right purpose". NASCAR car will bring you to the grocery store and back but do you need it? Can you even handle it? Not really. Same here.

On the hand, for me to replicate my lens selection for FF set up would take many thousands of dollars. Will my IQ benefit? Absolutely. Will I make any money out of it? Nope as my skills are not appropriate and competition is way too much in any field of the photography. I am an advanced amateur and EM-1 will be MORE than enough for me. Hell, even my E-30 is plenty but I want the new toy

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