In Defense of the DSLR

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Re: Agree

D Cox wrote:

PerL wrote:

Yes, some think they know better what professionals should use than the pros themselves. The thing is that those professional DSLRs with fast, heavy, big lenses are tools that produces fantastic results. You will be judged by your photos, no customer wants to hear that the photos are of a little less quality, but hey - my camera is very small and comfortable to carry.

I'm not clear why photos from a Leica M240 should be of lower quality simply because it doesn't have a mirror.

And I expect the same to be true of other full-frame mirrorless cameras when they are released.

Because it's propaganda, the same as everything else in this thread. People bought into a system, they feel good about it, and they're going to beat you over the head with it until you feel like nothing else can compete.

The truth is the mirror has nothing to do with the quality of the photo.

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