OM-D EM1 All the Bells & Whistles, but no meat?

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Re: Not very realistic criticism...

veroman wrote:

brycesteiner wrote:

... many of the samples on the internet have been shot with high compression or saved that way in processing for quick downloads. The JPG files at super fine are very good. I would put up against nearly any full frame from the last 3 years.

In what respect? Sharpness? Color? Gradations? Tonality? Dynamic range? Realism? Noise? AF speed and accuracy? Handling? You can put the EM-5 "up against" full frame all you like, but you cannot outclass full frame in all aspects. Sooner or later, the limitations of a smaller sensor are likely to make their presence known. Sensor size matters, and it matters a great deal. I can't understand why this needs to be repeated over and over again.

Everyone one that you mentioned. There are two and one is DOF and you didn't mention that one. Which can be good or bad depending on what you are looking for. And yes, I have used full frame, the latest being the D3s. I like the O-M5 better. The other is high ISO (over 5000). The D3s is clearly better on large prints, but who is shooting 5000 unless it's a night football game? Most shots are under 1000.

It didn't get camera of the year by DPReview readers because of poor quality output.

Yes, but what do dpreview readers look for in a camera? Besides, Camera Of The Year doesn't necessarily mean BEST Camera Of The Year, does it?

Then again not ALL full frames are going to be best camera of the year. Obviously impossible.

It certainly not perfect but it handles it's own against the D3s and and the 5D Mk2 just fine.

Again, in what respect? Overall, there's simply no comparison between the output of a D3s or Canon 5D II and the EM-5 or the new EM-1.

And if you are JPG shooter, the files are better.

Yes ... the Oly JPEGs have always been the best. But Oly RAW is still better than Oly JPEG, and full frame RAW is better than Oly RAW. Size matters!

There are many photographers who shoot both and keep the jpg. Why? because with Oly, much of the time I don't have to do anything.

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