How many still shoot film?

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Re: Unfortunate Comparison

Wonderful discussion guys!

I don't understand that subject so deeply as you do, so won't pretend I can chat at the same level, but I enjoyed both your posts a lot, thanks!

On the previous post, I've chosen my words poorly! Certainly an Alexa capture is very different from one made in film stock, no doubt about it.

The only point I'd like to raise is that just a few years ago, digital capture looked extremely "digital" (for the lack of a better word).

Movies like Public Enemies, or Collateral had harshly clipped highlights, digital noise that looked like digital noise, and less cinematic DOF (due to smaller 3 chips).

If one director wanted to choose digital, it would be purely for its weakness turned into intentional language, like Michael Mann did on Collateral.

Digital was choosen for its err... digital look.

He wanted noise, he wanted burnt highlights, so digital offered the proper look.

Digital cameras today produce a much more organic look, and with the same sensor size as the film stock, DOF and lenses are now compatible.

A director may choose film or digital for its own look, but no doubt digital capture is now much closer than ever to film stock.

Thanks a lot for the chat, guys

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