Shooting landscapes with the G1-X...

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Re: Shooting landscapes with the G1-X...

Nice set of images Papillon!  Thanks for posting.

I'm just back from a 5 night backpack in one of the canyons of Cedar  Mesa, Utah and I'll echo the praise of the G1X for this purpose.  Just excellent image quality from such a small package.  We had a wide range of sometimes harsh lighting from glaring canyon walls to deep shadowed cliff dwellings and the camera handled all of this very well.  Raw files and Lightroom processing yield beautiful images that compare well to those from my 5Ds and L lenses. Beautiful images like Papillon's look wonderful cropped 16:9 and displayed on a 27" iMac.

I've been using Gs for this purpose since the G3 and this is the G I've been waiting for.  I carry two filters, a polarizer and 250D close-up.  If I need wider than 28 mm the stitch assist mode works well for capturing panoramas and Photoshop Elements does a nice job of reassembly.  The on-screen level and histogram are really useful features.  Wonderful little travel camera.  If you need more than this then you need an SLR.

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