Fast (f/2.8) Zoom Lens Recommendations?

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KM 28-75/2.8 vs. Zeiss 24-70/2.8

And just to back up what I said before, here are some side-by-side comparisons between the KM and Zeiss lenses. All are 100% crops of unprocessed RAW files, shot wide open at f/2.8.

I realize the test is unscientific, but it was a pretty good "real world" test to see if I could see the difference in actual shooting conditions, not necessarily in a lab on tripod with test chart, etc.

I did try to take care to keep the shutter speed high enough (1/100th or above), brace the cameras on counters and such, and focus on the same points. I took about 15-20 shots with each and the results were pretty similar to the examples below.





Make up your mind before reading which shot is which ...

Each shot on the left is the KM, the right is the Zeiss.

IMO, #1 and #2 clearly favor the KM, while #3 and #4 show the Zeiss a tad bit sharper. I'd call it roughly a wash. And I didn't notice much difference in color (especially trying to test it in #1), although the whites in #3 and #4 slightly favor the Zeiss.

Besides IQ, the silent SSM on the Zeiss is nice. But it is also heavier and roughly 8x the price I paid for the KM.

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