In Defense of the DSLR

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Mirrorless is dead.

If DSLRs die.

Look at all the articles both mirrorless and DSLR face stiff competition from the cell phone industry. When Samsung and others are producing 41mp phones, consumers are going to say, hey, it is a phone, I get it for free, or discounted when I get a contract, and it is a computer, I can edit and share with it, it is always hooked to the internet so I can share my photographs with people who would never see them in the film days or before facebook, and the IQ is good enough.

Phones have cut into the ENTIRE camera business. DSLRs in the market place as staying about the same. That is because Pros use them and buy them. The rest of the market like pocket phones have taken a hit, even m4/3 and mirrorless are in decline. And this will only get worse

So we see pros get pro camera to differentiate them from a phone photographer. Pros are not going to be seen with a Oly Panny, or even Sony mirrorless which is consumer grade. That is why the DSLR has stayed the same. Mirrorless is already in decline. Because the masses see the IQ of the new phones and say, it is good enough. Even DSLRs will take a hit in the consumer grade, but not as much as mirrorless because pros still buy DSLRs. If Mirrorless if so good, would start taking market share from DSLR but it hasn't. Advanced non pro (amateur) is the only segment of photographers that may might even consider mirrorless over a non pro camera like the 5d3/6d/D800/D600. That market of photographers that would choose a mirrorless over a higher end no pro camera is small and niche and is in decline in American and now declining in other parts of the world

As phones get better, the only way that mirrorless will survive is if pros start buying them, and that is not going to happen as we have seen.

The masses are who control the low end DSLR and mirrorless, and mirrorless is in decline because even the masses see that DSLRs are a step up from a camera, a mirrorless works just like a phone camera with a display on the back, the IQ (for them) is not that much better than a phone or the phone is good enough. Pros and advanced amateurs are supporting higher end DSLRs sales and those sales are flat.

So you are right in your line of thinking. If you are a pro, you buy a pro camera for $6+, if you can't afford that or not a pro but want a good camera you get 5d3/6d/D800/D600. If you want good quality, need something light, you buy a phone. If you are the masses, you are going to buy a phone anyway. That leaves no room for mirrorless whether it be the m4/3 or a pocket point and shoot, that market will only decline.

I think that is sad but capitalism will bring the best to the top for less, and it is not mirrorless.

Kodachrome200 wrote:

As I joined this forum I started to notice a lot of people talking about how dslrs were obsolete dinosaurs. This was news to me. I knew about mirrorless cameras but i never realized anyone was predicting that they would mean the complete end of the Dslr

Now I think the predicted death of the DSLR has been greatly exaggerated. I work as a professional photographer and I of course get to meet other people in my field all the time and they are still pretty happy with their Canon and Nikons. Now i have heard people in this forum say the pros use Canon and Nikon gear because they dont know any better. Now A. i think it is pretty presumptuous for folks pounding away on a camera forum to to tell the world that they know better than pro photographers and B. this is just not true. DSLRS have there own unique virtues. Just because it isnt the perfect camera for you does not mean it is right for a lot of people.

The fact is the current state of technology EVFs are sad little things that arent nearly up to alot of peoples standards. There plenty of valid reasons to want a full frame sensor. The almost complete lack of professional zoom lenses in the mirrorless segment and other issues with lens choices are real problem for a lot of people. and you have to realize that alot people don't want small light cameras. Not everyone but a high end camera for traveling or for hiking. Sometimes ergonomics are more important than size.

You do realize even if evfs become so good you cant tell the difference between them and reality they actually still may not be preferable to alot of people. I personally would rather not see exposure or white balance previewed in camera. and even if everyone decided to get cameras with evfs most pro's and a lot of other people would choose ones that were no smaller than current full frame cameras and they would have full frame sensors. I suspect they will be made my canon and nikon and use the same lens mount we are currently using.

Clearly Mirrorless cameras are going to have there share of the market dslrs used to dominate. but just like i really doubt cell phones are going to kill compact cameras, i think Dslrs are going to be around a long time

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